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Professionals with vast experience in environmental and social issues, to advise you to comply with international environmental regulations; and national and international banking standards.

Marco L. Diaz V.
Marco L. Diaz V.
Marine Biologist and Oceanographer

Biologist Register 1334.

Registrations in the Ministry of the Environment:

Environmental Consultant: DEIA-ARC-11-2021 / IRC-33-2002

Environmental Auditor: DIVEDA-AA-26-2012 / Act. 2021

  • Interdisciplinary project manager with 34 years of national and international experience.

  • He has successfully managed 11 EIS Category 3; 27 EIS Category 2; more than 200 EIS Category 1; 8 Environmental Audits and PAMAs; and 10 Environmental Studies with International Banking standards, including institutional strengthening projects for the environmental and social units. All of them supported by citizen consultation.

  • Analyze the impacts of climate change on projects and vice versa. In addition, has developed environmental and social management plans for projects that apply for "Green" licenses.

  • Environmental Manager of protected areas.

  • Researcher of ecology projects of coral reefs, mangroves, environmental inventories, fishing resources and monitoring of fragile ecosystems.

Business Registrations in the Ministry of Environment
Environmental Consultant: DEIA-IRC-16-2021
Environmental Auditor: DIVEDA-EAA-04-2021

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